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Von Darcor German Shepherds

Vonclarz Zsa Zsa HIT

"Zsa Zsa"

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ZSA ZSA is a lean 37kg, well structured, grey sable female with a strong almost masculine head. She is a strong, athletic, high drive female, possessing exceptional temperament in the family environment. ZSA ZSA has a high activity level and possesses natural tracking drive that is very easy to train. She exudes self confidence, is thick nerved and highly dominant, she is not for the inexperienced handler.

ZSA ZSA is a product of highly successful imported stud, Nivo vom Lubarser Schlosschen BH TR1 (imp DEU), proven producer of operational service dogs in Australia. ZSA ZSA's pedigree brings together influential sires found throughout the dogs utilised within our breeding program. Combining that sprinkling of Czech blood that we like in our dogs, through her dams side - her great grandsire, Warkos Anrebri SchH3, IPO1, ZVV1 was a widely used stud in Czech and renowned for producing strong boned progeny with hard working characters. It is through Warkos that influential working dogs such as Chasanta Anrebri, Omar z Blatenskeho zamku, Klara z Pohranicni straze, Titus z Pohranicni straze, Bero von der Friedersdorfer Flur and Condor vom Mardepfahl become present. ZSA ZSA also carries 2 x BSP Fax vom Grenzganger SchH3, Kuran van Tiekerhook IPO1 through Vonforell Vocho and Stormfronts Brawnson SWAT K9,Dual Purpose Patrol/Narcotics K9, 2000 National Police Dog Champion,SchH3, DPO2, WPO, FH2 - sires that need no introduction in Australia.

ZSA ZSA’s achievements:
• HIT - Pass in Herding Instinct Test 03 MAR 2018 - Judge: Mrs Annette Luck.

ZSA ZSA has a reputation for producing serious working dogs. She is the mother of QLD Government House Vice Regal Dog Gavel, and she currently has progeny operational as a Police Dog with QLD Police Dog Squad, operational Corrective Services Dogs with QLD, VIC and SA Corrective Services, as well as under development with QLD Police Dog Squad. She also has progeny within private security firms - operational in area and asset security and protection with Australia Zoo, and under development in IGP (IPO). ZSA ZSA currently has a daughter exported to, and operational with the Japanese Government Bear Detection and Chase Program.

ZSA ZSA's full brother ZUMA is an operational Police Dog located in QLD.

ZSA ZSA was gifted to us and is a welcomed part of our breeding program.

H/D - 1:1
E/D - 0:0

Breed : German Shepherd Dog Bred by : Mr G Clarke
Sex : Bitch Owned by : Von Darcor
Date of Birth : 15-Dec-11 Handled by : Von Darcor
Call Name : Zsa Zsa Available for stud : N/A
Sire : Nivo vom Lubarser Scholsschen BH TR1 (imp DEU) S: Zar von der Schiffslache SchH2 IPO2 S: Ellute von der Mohnwiese SchH3 IPO3 FH1
D: Flora von der Schifflache SchH3
D: Haifa vom Lubarser Schlosschen SchH3 IPO3 S: Glenn von der Huhnergasse SchH3 IPO3 FH1
D: Dasha vom Bernsteintal SchH3 IPO3
Dam : Janik Zarra S: Vonammerberg Congo S: Warkos Anrebri SchH3 IPO1 ZVV1
D: Randebe Zoffany
D: Raennik Catja S: Nordenstamm Erix
D: Raennik Bindi


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