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VG Aztek Kateko AZ HIT AD Corrective Services Dog QLD (imp CZE)


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AZTEK is an operational Corrective Services Dog (CSD) located in Queensland. He is a 41kg, masculine sable male, imported from Czechia. He possesses exceptional bone, head and jaw strength. Conformationally correct, he recently achieved a show grading here in Australia under Italian Judge Sig. Mauro di Festa who extended respect for AZTEK’s presence. AZTEK boasts very high drives with great speed and power. He has fast and happy obedience, and explosive agility. He is a highly intelligent animal, with great workability and aptitude to learn quickly, possessing excellent environmental and social stability. He has exceptional temperament with children, has no dog aggression and is an easy to live with male. AZTEK is a physically strong and powerful male. He is self-assured with no handler sensitivity and thick nerve. He possesses genetically full, calm and crushing grips. AZTEK is highly man focused and protection pronounced, with great clarity of mind - possessing excellent ability to remain neutral while not at work. He is an explosive and powerful male during protection work, with true conviction and fight drive – he is a dog that can handle a lot of pressure, and will engage the man with, or without equipment. His incredible speed contributes to the exceptional power he generates during this phase of training.

AZTEK’s working progeny are:

• Vondarcor Toruk AZ - Police Dog (VIC Police);
• Vondarcor Tuxedo - Police Dog (QLD Police);
• Vondarcor Taipan AZ - Corrective Services Dog (QLD Corrective Services);
• Vondarcor Torvi AZ - HIT BH/VT;
• Vondarcor Togo (exp JPN) - BH/VT;
• Vondarcor Lita - Corrective Services Dog (QLD Corrective Services);
• Vondarcor Arakai - BH/VT

Ronny Huemke (GMY) at seminar on 20-21 JUL 2019 – had a few things to say about AZTEK – “He’s a very strong dog, I like him. I will take him back to Germany.” While Ronny was instructing other Helpers who worked AZTEK, he again described AZTEK: “He is a really, really strong and powerful dog with a lot of aggression. He can take a lot of pressure, pressure is no problem for this dog, you can put a lot of pressure on him. He is a really nice dog – I like him.”

Looking at AZTEK’s pedigree, it is easy to see where his power, speed, explosiveness, drive and conviction are drawn. We are pleased to have the opportunity to have acquired and include such a genetically proven, powerful lineage into our kennel.

His sire, Drako Blendy IPO1 FPr1, is owned by the former Veterinarian for the Czech Republic Police at z Pohranicni straze Kennel, Dr Zbynek Divis, who owns the well-established and reputable Aritar Bastet Kennel in Czechia. Drako’s sire - AZTEK’s grandsire - is the popular and highly sort after German stud dog, Dinoso vom Eisernen Kreuz. Dinoso, is from the highly successful breeding combination of Quardes von der Staatsmacht and Yucca von der Mohnweise – producing the highly accomplished, ‘D’ and ‘E’ vom Eisernen Kreuz litters. Dinoso along with his full siblings Dexter, Dina and Debby have all competed at the highest level of IPO/IGP competitions (WUSV, BSP). Dinoso’s full sister Debby, who has sadly recently passed, stamped her mark in IGP history by becoming the first female to win at the IPO WUSV Championship in Tilburg, 2017. With Dinoso as his grandsire – there is little needing to be said about the world class genetics behind him: Quardes von der Staatsmacht, Agent vom Wolfsheim, Justin vom Pendel Bach – who all competed at the highest levels of IPO/IGP – between them, multiple appearances at the BSP and WUSV World Championships.

AZTEK’s paternal granddam Areta Ja-He is a strong producer in her own right, having produced 3 time WUSV and FCI participant Bordy Blendy – who is internationally renowned as “The Game Changer”, after cementing his place in history with his powerful and highly dominating protection phase work of the Helpers at the 2017 WUSV in Tilburg. Bordy Blendy is recognised, the world over, as being an absolute powerhouse of a dog (and Von Darcor Kennels are also honoured to own frozen semen for him). The highly successful and prominent stud dog, 3 time BSP and 2000 WUSV IPO Champion Asko von der Lutter can be found in Aztek’s 5th generation through Areta, where Aztek also possesses 2 time BSP competitor Ellute von der Mohnweise and 1996 WUSV Vice Champion Manto vom Kahlenbach through his maternal grandsire, Gerry vom Weißeritztal, also a dual BSP competitor.

AZTEK’s achievements:
• VG - Show Graded Very Good 06 JUL 19 - Judge: Sig. Mauro di Festa (Italy);
• HIT - Pass in Herding Instinct Test 13 JUL 19 - Judge: Mrs Anne Mitchell (ANKC);
• AD - Pass VDSC Trial 01 SEP 19 - Judge: Mr Reg Worth (SV & WGSDCA);
• CSD - Certified Operational Corrective Services Dog 2020 - Queensland Corrective Services.

AZTEK can be utilised to bring world class genetics to any breeding program and it is expected he can be utilised where there is a need to improve health, bone and confirmation, drive, grips, speed and power. AZTEK will be available at stud to approved females, for a limited time during 2019.

Haemophilia - Negative/Clear
H/D - (2:2) A
E/D - (0:0) Z
Spondylosis - Clear
Carries to Bi-Colour

Breed : German Shepherd Dog Bred by : Jaroslav Kovar
Sex : Dog Owned by : Vondarcor
Date of Birth : 6-Oct-17 Handled by : Vondarcor
Call Name : Aztek Available for stud : Yes. (to approved bitches)
Sire : Drako Blendy IPO1 FPr1 S: Dinoso vom Eisernen Kreuz IPO3 FH2 S: Quardes von der Staatsmacht SchH3 IPO3
D: Yucca von der Mohnwiese SchH1 RH1
D: Areta Ja-He IPO3 ZVV1 S: Dusty vom Baumgarten SchH3 FH1
D: Alma Modra strela IPO1
Dam : Mia z Lijavy IPO1 S: Gerry vom Weißeritztal SchH3 IPO3 FH2 S: Mic von der Kine SchH3
D: Cora vom Lohbach SchH3
D: Kaja z Lijavy ZVV1 S: Balko von der Teufelskehle SchH3
D: Cita vom haus Tyson AD IPO1

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