Von Darcor German Shepherds
Von Darcor German Shepherds



Vondarcor Arquinn BH and Vondarcor Arminius BH (ZEUS) 

ARQUINN and ZEUS have both achieved BH title.


Vondarcor Bandit (PD BEAU), Vondarcor Bravo (PD BRAVO) & Vondarcor Bane (PD BOLT)

BEAU, BRAVO and BOLT are currently operational Police Dogs (PD) located in QLD.

Vondarcor Chief (PD CHIEF) & Vondarcor Camo (PD CAMO)

CHIEF and CAMO are currently operational Police Dogs (PD) located in QLD.

Vondarcor Euko (PD EUKO), Vondarcor Electric (CSD LOKI) & Vondarcor Ella (NIVA) BH

EUKO is currently an operational Police Dog (PD) located in QLD.  LOKI is currently an operational Corrective Services Dog (CSD) located in QLD and NIVA has achieved her BH title.

Vondarcor Fynn (CSD KOBE) & Vondarcor Flint (CSD FLINT)

KOBE is currently an operational Corrective Services Dog (CSD) located in QLD.  FLINT is currently an operational Dual Purpose Corrective Services Dog (CSD) located in Victoria.  

​Vondarcor Grando (PD REAPER) & Vondarcor Gavel (VICE-REGAL DOG GAVEL)

REAPER is currently an operational Police Dog (PD) located in QLD and GAVEL currently holds the title of Vice-Regal Dog of the Governor of Queensland - he resides at Queensland Government House.


​GATOR is currently an operational Area and Asset Protection & Security K9 for Australia Zoo.

​Vondarcor Inferno (PD INFERNO)

INFERNO is currently an operational Police Dog (PD) located in NSW.

Vondarcor Largo (PD UTAH) & Vondarcor Larva BH

​UTAH is currently an operational Dual Purpose Police Dog (PD) located in Western Australia and LARVA has achieved her BH title.

Vondarcor Marshall (MARSHALL) & Vondarcor Manta (MANTA TD)

MARSHALL is currently a PTSD Assistance Therapy Dog in training, with the Young Diggers Association, under their Young Diggers Dog Squad for PTSD program.  MANTA is currently trialling in Tracking and has achieved the TD title with her owner and trainer Susanne.

​Vondarcor Oxzsa (exp JPN)

​Developed at Von Darcor, OXZSA is a Bear Detection and Chace Canine located in Japan.  The Japanese Bear Dog Detection and Chase Program is an initiative to promote the coexistence between Asiatic Black Bears and Brown Bears and the Japanese communities living within the mountains and forestry of Bears habitats.







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