Von Darcor German Shepherds
Von Darcor German Shepherds

Vondarcor Scorch AZ HIT ZAP-W


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SCORCH is a substantial female with good bone, head strength and correct structure. SCORCH is a confident, fast, powerful, and highly active female, with powerful movement and agility.

SCORCH has very high ball and food drive with good focus and strong work ethic in all phases of training. She possesses a high prey drive and equally balanced active aggression toward the Helper, with excellent ability to switch between prey and aggression when required. A very clear female, she has genetically full and calm grips.

SCORCH has happy, energetic, and powerful obedience, with very fast recalls – is powerful through her jumps and is very fast and natural in her retrieves. She possesses a high aptitude for tracking and enjoys this phase of training.

Importantly, SCORCH is a socially and environmentally stable female, who is easy to live with – a clean and quiet female at home, she gets along with all dogs in the kennel, and is extremely tolerant and playful with young puppies. She is a fantastic family dog, who enjoys a good game and is affectionate with our children. SCORCH has excellent neutrality while not at work and fits into the family unit very well.

SCORCH is a product of one of her sires first progeny in Australia, being a daughter of the 2019 IGP Vice World Champion, 3 x WUSV IGP World Championships and FCI World Championships participant Bordy Blendy – who is internationally renowned as “The Game Changer”, after cementing his place in history with his powerful and highly dominating protection phase work of the Helpers at the 2017 WUSV in Tilburg. Bordy Blendy is recognised, the world over, as being an absolute powerhouse of a dog.

SCORCH’s dam, Vondarcor Jaguar – is our highly successful producing female. Titled in IGP, JAG also holds her Show Grading, Breed Survey and Herding title. JAG has (currently) produced two litters for us, with a total of 14 puppies, 11 of which have been officially HD/ED scored here in Australia and internationally (Japan and New Zealand). Those 11 also hold working titles – 3 operational Police Dogs (QLD, VIC & NT Police Dog Squads), 2 operational Corrective Service Dogs (QLD Corrective Services), 1 currently awaiting a handover to QLD Corrective Services, 5 having achieved titles in IGP and Herding. JAG has 3 full brothers who have achieved certification as operational Police Dogs with the NSW Police Dog Squad.

SCORCH is one of six, out of seven full siblings, to have not only achieved a working title - but also passed official HD/ED (Hip and Elbow) schemes both here in Australia and internationally. She is full sister to:

• Vondarcor Shugga AZ - Police Dog (NT Police);
• Vondarcor Steel AZ - Corrective Services Dog (QLD Corrective Services);
• Vondarcor Sass AZ - ZAP-W, BH/VT;
• Vondarcor Seneca - AZ HIT, ZAP-W, BH/VT;
• Vondarcor Scorpia – (exp NZ) HD/ED Normal;

Scorch's achievements:

• HIT - Pass in Herding Instinct Test 15 MAY 21 - Judge: Mrs Annette Luck (ANKC):
• ZAP-W - Pass in ZAP-W Test 16 JUL 21 - Judge: Mr Reg Worth (SV & WGSDCA).

H/D - (3:2) A
E/D - (0:0) Z
Spondylosis - Clear

Breed : German Shepherd Dog Bred by : Von Darcor
Sex : Bitch Owned by : Von Darcor
Date of Birth : 2-Sep-20 Handled by : Von Darcor
Call Name : Scorch Available for stud : N/A
Sire : Bordy Blendy IPO3 S: Jaro Ja-He ZVV3 IPO3 S: Ellute von der Mohnwiese SchH3 FH1
D: Jola vom Ortenberg IPO3
D: Areta Ja-He IPO3 ZVV1 S: Dusty vom Baumgarten SchH3 FH1
D: Alma Modra Strela IPO1
Dam : Vondarcor Jaguar BSC HIT AD BH GPr1 S: Xandor z Jirkova dvora HIT (imp CZE) S: V Kery Kamos Durabo Kkl1 IPO3 ZVV2 SchH/VPG1 ZPS1
D: SG Gabi Jirysu-Bohemia ZVV2
D: Bella von den Aero AZ S: Nivo vom Lubarser Schlosschen (imp DEU) BH TR1
D: Kvasers Jess (imp SWE)

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Fernvale, QLD, Australia

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