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Von Darcor German Shepherds

Xandor z Jirkova dvora (import CZE) HIT


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XANDOR is a solid black male, imported from the Czech Republic. He possesses exceptional bone strength inherited from his sire. XANDOR is an explosive, strong and athletic young male with high activity level. Highly man focused and protection pronounced. He possesses good aptitude for tracking - with good food and ball drives. Temperamentally sound in the family environment, he has good workability. XANDOR has an air of arrogance and is a highly dominant male, yet non dog aggressive. He is a serious male, and not for the inexperienced handler.

XANDOR currently has sons operational as Police Dogs with NSW Police Dog Squad and WA Police Dog Unit, and further progeny under development with the Australian Federal Police Dog Squad, QLD Police Dog Squad - including, siring the 2016 'E' litter for the QLD Police Dog Squad and the 2017 'X' litter for NSW Police Dog Squad. XANDOR also has a son operational as a Corrective Services Dog with QLD Corrective Services and another son scheduled for course with QLD Corrective Services in 2020. XANDOR is proven to produce strong working females as well as males, currently having five daughters titled in IGP (IPO) and as well as a son with IGP titles. XANDOR currently has a daughter exported to, and operational with the Japanese Government Bear Detection and Chase Program. Further, to demonstrate the versatility of XANDOR as a working stud, he has three progeny also holding passes in Herding Instinct Test.

His sire and dam are strong healthy working dogs and XANDOR himself is linebred 5,5-5 on Grim Pohranicni straze. His pedigree combines strong traditional and modern working dogs, including influential sires JAGUAR Aritar Bastet, VITO vom Waldwinkel, XERO Pohranicni straze, ORI z Danaru, TOM van't Leefdaalhof, FADO von Karthago, TOM z Pohranicni straze, IRO Pohranicni straze, CORDON An-Sat, NATZ von Tegelhous, TROLL von der bosen Nachbarschaft, ORRY von Haus Antverpa, QERRY von Haus Antverpa to name but a few.

XANDOR, along with his littermates are highly suitable for competitive sport and hard police work.

XANDOR is a product of V KERY KAMOS DURABO Kkl1 IPO3 ZVV2 SchH/VPG1 ZPS1 (CZE), now located in the USA. KERY is an excellent example of a typical representative of the desirable working type German Shepherd Dog, amongst his numerous titles, KERY has been breed surveyed as EXCELLENT holding his V and Kkl1 ratings. KERY is line bred 3-3 on XERO Pohranicni straze (4-4 on Grim Pohranicni straze and 5-5 on KASO Pohranicni straze) and 5-4 on CORDON An-Sat. KERY is an outstanding stud dog with strong bone, strong well shaped head, dark pigmentation, possessing high energy level and high working drives, he is suitable for any type of work with his handler, demonstrating his versatility. His energy level is strong but not crazy. He is capable of long concentration for exercises requiring calmness and persistence. KERY is a proven producer of titled Sport and Police Dogs in Europe.

His dam SG GABI JIRYSU-BOHEMIA ZVV2 (CZE) is a dark sable female that is described as a dream dog for every trainer. She undertakes all her disciplines willingly and with full effort. It is believed that GABI will pass her working drives and health onto her progeny. GABI belongs, through her sire, to the world renowned branch of INGO v. Rudingen, ORRY von Haus Antverpa, QERRY von Haus Antverpa, TOM van't Leefdaalhof, VITO vom Waldwinkel. She is in-line strengthened 3-4 on Tom van t Leefdaalhof on her dams side. GABI's dam - SALLY Favory Cross comes from a very successful litter where all her brothers and sisters are healthy and the majority of them has competed or is competing at top level competitions.

XANDOR’s achievements:
• HIT - Pass in Herding Instinct Test 03 MAR 2018 - Judge: Mrs Annette Luck.

XANDOR has been carefully selected with the intention to compliment and assist in the continual improvement of our breeding program. We are grateful to Jiri Novotny firstly in breeding XANDOR and in his assistance in moving him here to Australia.

H - Neg
DM - Clear
H/D - 2:6 (XANDOR x-rayed and scored in Australia)
E/D - 0:0 (XANDOR x-rayed and scored in Australia)

Breed : German Shepherd Dog Bred by : Jiri Novotny
Sex : Dog Owned by : Von Darcor
Date of Birth : 8-Oct-14 Handled by : Von Darcor
Call Name : Xandor Available for stud : No
Sire : V Kery Kamos Durabo Kkl1 IPO3 ZVV2 SchH/VPG1 ZPS1 S: V Panter Aritar Bastet ZVV2 IPO1 ZPO1 S: V Jaguar Aritar Bastet SchH1 IPO3
D: SG Greta z Osobovske skaly ZVV1
D: SG Axa Banasi IPO1 S: V Furo Kamos ZVV1 ZPO1
D: Yesa Naspo IPO1
Dam : SG Gabi Jirysu-Bohemia ZVV2 S: Bady ze Svobodneho dvora ZVV1 IPO3 S: V Vito vom Waldwinkel SchH3
D: SG Cher Bily Trpaslik ZVV1
D: VD Sally Favory Cross ZVV1 FPR2 S: Charik Galan Nalag ZVV1 SchH3 IPO3 WUSV
D: SG Kessy Eqidius SchH3 IPO2


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