Von Darcor German Shepherds
Von Darcor German Shepherds

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JAG is a young, dark sable female with strong physique, nice head, good bone and structure. A highly athletic and fast female, with very high but very well balanced drives, she possesses excellent focus together with strong work ethic and desire to work with her handler, thick nerve, high man focus and aggression. JAG is a very dominant female who exudes self confidence. She has a high aptitude for tracking. Importantly, JAG has excellent temperament, who is well socialised environmentally including with children - being exceptional in the family environment. JAG is a product of one of her sires first progeny in Australia and we are excited about her future.

JAG’s achievements:
• HIT - Pass in Herding Instinct Test 24 SEP 17 - Judge: Mrs Annette Luck;
• BH - Pass VDSC Trial 22 DEC 17 - Judge: Mr Reg Worth (WGSDCA);
• AD - Pass VDSC Trial 23 DEC 17 - Judge: Mr Reg Worth (WGSDCA);
• BSCL - Breed Survey Classified 09 JUN 18 - Judge: Mr Louis Donald (SV & GSDCA Breed Surveyor);
• Show Graded - Good - 06 JUL 19 - Judge: Sig. Mauro di Festa (Italy);
• GPr1 - Pass VDSC Trial 03 DEC 21 - Judge: Mr Reg Worth (SV & WGSDCA).

JAG, at seminar on 10 FEB 18, as described by Gabina Macounova (CZE) - "This is a nice dog...This is not a soft dog".

JAG, at seminar on 02 SEP 18, as described by Ronny Huemke (GMY) - "Really good dog. Nice speed and a lot of power".

JAG currently has progeny proving themselves successfully in work and health. From two litters, JAG has produced fourteen progeny - 10/14 of those progeny have currently undergone health screening of their HD/ED (Hips and Elbows), those ten all passing official scoring schemes both here in Australia and internationally. JAG's working progeny are:

• Vondarcor Toruk AZ - Police Dog (VIC Police);
• Vondarcor Tuxedo - Police Dog (QLD Police);
• Vondarcor Taipan AZ - Corrective Services Dog (QLD Corrective Services);
• Vondarcor Torvi AZ - HIT, BH/VT;
• Vondarcor Togo (exp JPN) - BH/VT, UPr3, IGP1;
• Vondarcor Shugga AZ - Police Dog (NT Police);
• Vondarcor Steel AZ - Corrective Services Dog (QLD Corrective Services);
• Vondarcor Scorch AZ - HIT, ZAP-W;
• Vondarcor Sass AZ - ZAP-W, BH/VT;
• Vondarcor Seneca - AZ HIT, ZAP-W.

JAG has three full brothers that are operational Police Dogs located with NSW Police Force with another full sister, JaZena, also exported to New Zealand.

JAG is a typical representative of the females selected to enter our breeding program.

H/D - (2:3) A
E/D - (0:0) Z
Spondylosis - Clear
Carries to Black

Breed : German Shepherd Dog Bred by : Von Darcor
Sex : Bitch Owned by : Von Darcor
Date of Birth : 2-Aug-16 Handled by : Von Darcor
Call Name : Jag Available for stud : N/A
Sire : Xandor z Jirkova dvora HIT (imp CZE) S: V Kery Kamos Durabo Kkl1 IPO3 ZVV2 SchH/VPG1 ZPS1 S: V Panter Aritar Bastet ZVV2 IPO1 ZPO1
D: SG Axa Banasi IPO1
D: SG Gabi Jirysu-Bohemia ZVV2 S: Bady ze Svobodneho dvora ZVV1 IPO3
D: VD Sally Favory Cross ZVV1 FPR2
Dam : Bella von den Aero AZ S: Nivo vom Lubarser Schlosschen (imp DEU) BH TR1 S: Zar von der Schiffslache SchH1 IPO2
D: Haifa vom Lubarser Schlosschen SchH3 IPO3
D: Kvasers Jess (imp SWE) S: Ajax vom Rohnsaler Bach SchH3 IPO3
D: Kvasers Fixza

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